My first bot @baldesorry, was made over a snowy weekend while trapped in my apartment in Brooklyn during a blizzard in 2015. The idea came from my friend Charlie who was visiting from LA. I was trying to think of an idea for an image bot to make as a first project and he asked me if I could draw circles on faces.

I actually had no idea who Baldesarri was when I started working on this but I was a big fan of his work by the time I got the bot working.  I used OpenCV for the facial recognition, Image Magick to draw the circles, and Tesseract as quality control (to filter out images with text on them).

I sampled possible colors to use for the circles from actual Baldesarri images I had found on the internet. At the time we were searching for images via hashtags such as #fashionweek and #oscars since they provided a lot of faces and responded to them in real-time with the “Baldesorried” images. Note: I did not understand at the time but this is actually terrible bot etiquette. These days this type of behavior in a bot will get you insta-banned (and rightfully so).

A later revision I made to the bot was inspired by Baldesarri’s Prima Facie series (Left.)


It runs on a schedule generating images using a list of homophones and searching for creative commons images from Flickr as sources.

Launched: Feb, 2015

Platforms: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook